Saturn Machine Works is your turnkey facility for all your manufacturing needs. All our employees are highly skilled individuals, with many years of experience in machining practices. At Saturn Machine Works, we recognize that on-time delivery, quality, safety, and value is extremely important to our customers. Saturn Machine Works reputation as a top tier supplier is well recognized for its honesty, professionalism, and ethical standards in dealing with our customers, employees, and environmental responsibilities.


All jobs are entered and managed in our ERP system, making parts ordering and management easy. This allows us to track parts in real time and provide document traceability, all within one system. All documentation is digitized, backed up, and retained, as per your requirements.


Saturn Machine Works provides internal services, as well as managed outside services to provide our customers with a one-stop shop, and turnkey product. All customer expectations and specifications are managed, inspected, and certified by Saturn Machine Works.

Saturn Machine Works offers the following services:


CAD CAM services

Prototyping and Product Development

CNC Turning

CNC Large Bore Turning to 276” Long

CNC Small Bar Feed Turning

CNC Vertical Milling and 4 axis Milling

CNC Horizontal Milling

Live Tooling and Bar-feeder Machines

API Threading and Gage Maker Inspection

CMM Inspections (Co-ordinate Measuring Machine)

Shot Peening and Glass Bead


3D Printing

We also offer the following Managed Outside Services:


Laser Heat Treat and Laser Cladding

Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) Cladding and Grinding

Heat Treating, Nitriding Carburizing

Chrome and Grind

Drilling and Honing


Shot Peening


Increase Your Fatigue Strength with Saturn Machine Shot Peening


Saturn Machine Works has been providing quality shot peening services for many years. We service the oil industry, mining, automotive and heavy equipment manufacturers.


Having a range of small cabinets for S110 and S230 shot, we can handle small parts, and tubulars to 30 feet long. Our large peening room can handle parts to 10,000lbs. A variety of media types are available from hardened cast steel to stainless steel shot.


Our in-house qualification and verification process is achieved using certified Almen Test strips and Almen Gage, to ensure correct ARC values meet the requirements of SAE J442, along with AMS2430.


To ensure proper coverage, a UV dye (Fluoro-Finder III Tracer) is used along with a certified UV light source, to yield accurate coverage and repeatable results.
Shot is re-captured, sieved and cleaned to ensure the media is free of contaminants or fractured media, and that there is no cross contamination between media sizes.


Glass beading is available to decontaminate shot peened parts if necessary.



  • Increase fatigue strength of new or used parts.
  • Add compressive stresses to increase part life.
  • Relieve tensile stresses that contribute to stress-corrosion cracking.
  • Improves resistance to intergranular corrosion.
  • Reduce fretting and galling in gears and mechanical parts.
  • Reduce galling and increase fatigue strength in API Connections.
  • Enhances lubricity by creating dimples to retain oils and lubricants.
  • Creates a uniform surface texture.
  • Creates a consistent prepared surface for the application of surface coatings.



  • (Two) Cabinet Size: 48x36x36
  • 10” side thru hole for tubular connections to 30ft long



  • 25 ft. wide x 20 ft. long x 20 ft high.
  • S110 through to S660 shot, 10,000lbs capability.
  • Automatic shot cleaning and sifting.


Glass Bead

  • Cabinet Size: 48x36x36
  • 10” side thru hole for tubular connections to 30ft long



  • Screening of shot and micro testing to assure shot consistency.
  • Almen certification to SAE J442 and AMS2430.
  • Coverage verification using certified UV dye and UV light source.
  • Quality Certification and Traceability.


  • Cabinet Size:48x36x36
  • 10” side thru hole for tubular connections 20ft long
  • Improves:
    • fatigue stress
    • corrosion cracking
    • fretting
    • galling
  • Applications:
    • work hardening to improve wear characteristics
    • improving resistance to intergranular corrosion
    • straighten distorted parts
  • Surface Texturing


  • Cabinet Size:36x32x32
  • 10” side thru hole for tubular connections 20 ft long
  • Resistance from:
    • Decontamination
    • Parts cleaning
    • Surface prep for phosphate coating
  • Applications:
    • Glass bead peening produces a clean bright satin finish without dimensional change or contamination
    • Glass bead is silica free and not harmful to our environment


  • Thread re-cutting
  • Phosphate tank size 6’x4’x3’ deep and 4’x3’x3’ deep
  • Laser Heat Treat
  • Laser Cladding
  • PTA Cladding
  • In-house 3D Printing
  • Part Design
  • Printing of Prototype and Production Parts
  • Supply of Standard and Custom Designed Carbide Products
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