Saturn Media Blast Swivel

Designed for those who service, supply, manufacture, and use shot peen, abrasive, or media blast equipment, the Saturn Media Blast Swivel provides 360 degrees of freedom of movement for your hose. The Saturn Media Blast Swivel was created to reduce operator fatigue in the wrists, elbows, and shoulders due to resistive pressure and working with the binding hose.


The swivel was created as a solution to daily fatigue operators are experiencing. Our operators have been using the swivel for over three years without any lost time injuries or discomfort.


  • Oil and gas
  • Automotive
  • Ship building
  • Bridge building
  • Aerospace

Saturn Machine Works’ Media Blast Swivel & Nozzle – Full Video

Reduced operator fatigue and pain


The innovative design lessens the impact of fatigue on operators.


  • Slim profile and lightweight
  • Rotate the hose easily to reach the inside of parts
  • Operator can run for extended periods without fatigue or pain
  • Reduction of OHS claims while operating product


Product efficiencies


This efficient solution and reliable design reduces work time, maintenance and repair costs, and increases throughput.


  • Part-to-part time decreases
  • Lasts in very abrasive environments and against harsh medias
  • Eliminates hose binding
  • Available in all sizes for different hose diameters
  • Reduces time dedicated to dealing with WCB issues
  • Long product life, field tested and proven
  • Patented Design

Ease of use


The unique design makes blasting simple.


  • Easy to install
  • Makes working on inside features easier for the operator
  • Can be handled by a single user
  • Swivel designed to fit onto hose so the operator can easily manage the hose and reach inside parts

Saturn Machine Works’ Media  – TwistLoc  Nozzle

Saturn Machine Works’ Media – Nozzle, Swivel and Installation

Saturn Machine Works’ – Swivel/Installation

Saturn Machine Works’ – Media Blast Swivel & Nozzle – Condensed

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