Saturn PerfectSet Skimmer

The Saturn PerfectSet Skimmer is a microprocessor-controlled skimmer that can be precisely controlled to suit any CNC machine. Designed with a duty cycle that can be pre-set, the Saturn PerfectSet Skimmer will automatically shut off at a predetermined time and then restart, making it easier and more efficient to remove oils from coolants versus traditional coolant skimmers.


Tramp oils have different viscosities meaning each needs a specific skim speed to pick up only the tramp oil and not coolant. This means that if not run properly, skimmers can pull an excess amount of coolant along with the tramp oil, reducing efficiency and raising cost. The Saturn PerfectSet Skimmer is the only skimmer that is microprocessor controlled. Using an automated system and customized catchment, the Saturn PerfectSet Skimmer runs quickly and efficiently by not removing excess amounts of coolant along with the tramp oil.


  • Particularly well suited to CNC Machines or Machine tools where tramp oil enters the coolant water
  • Clean coolant extends tool life and promotes better surface finish
  • May be used in any application that have unwanted tramp oils
  1. Innovative features


The innovative features reduce cost and improve efficiencies.


  • Notification system including an alarm and auto-shutdown feature that activates when the bucket is full, preventing spillage onto the floor and eliminating costly clean ups
  • Boost function which runs the Skimmer at maximum speed, ideal for when extra tramp oils enter the coolant due to tapping or thread cutting
  • Easily integrated into your control system to operate efficiently with minimum power requirements
  • Oil and water-resistant skim tube
  • Constant duty motor including boost mode for quick cleaning of dirty sumps
  • Adjustable duty cycle timer
  • Adjustable tubing speed feature to minimize coolant loss


  1. Ease of use


The quality designed skimmer makes jobs easier


  • Allows for cleaner machines and parts
  • Easy to install
  • Our one-year warranty makes it easy to replace in the unlikely event it needs replacing
  1. Reduced harm to employees


It creates a healthier environment to employees who use skimmers.


  • While other skimmers pick up as much as 90% coolant with the tramp oils, the Saturn PerfectSet Skimmer saves coolant and time by removing only tramp oil
  • This means less oil smoke and a healthier environment for employees and cleaner machines and parts with an increased operating life
  • Promotes healthier environment by minimizing microbial growth, and breakdown of the coolant
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