Saturn Flow Sleeve

Designed for those who service, supply, and use downhole drilling products in the world’s most abrasive environmental conditions, the Saturn flow sleeve has been proven to reduce erosion, thereby lowering maintenance costs and inventory requirements.


Employing the foremost technology and materials available today, Saturn’s innovative team has designed and machined a proven, cost-effective solution at minimal risk to operators.


  • Oil and gas
  • Geothermal
  • Drilling in any industry
  • Mud or oil
  1. Low-cost and low-risk solution


It reduces maintenance and repair costs while helping to lower the risk of catastrophic failure.


  • Simple addition to a downhole drilling motor adapter that does not require significant redesign or extensive investment to incorporate
  • Reduces inventory requirements
  • Reduces time to replace the part
  • Reduced wear and tear


  1. Field-tested and proven


Tested by reputable drilling companies in the most abrasive conditions, this is a proven, data-backed solution for the downhole drilling industry.


  • Data produced through field testing proves the reduction of erosion on the parts within the downhole drilling motor
  • Proven to last at least twice as long, while also extending the life of surrounding parts in the motor
  • High-quality parts and prototypes are tested by credible partners working in the most extreme global conditions
  • Patented Design
  1. Innovative engineering


The innovative design provides a ground breaking solution to lessen the impact of erosion within the downhole drilling motor.


  • Custom-design or enhancement of parts and prototypes
  • Less back pressure on motor
  • More power and fluid to the bit due to improved motor efficiency
  • Decreased wear on bearings because of straightened flow
  • Higher flow rates to bit
  • Reduced trips, due to upstream and downstream benefits

Without Saturn Flow Sleeve

With Saturn Flow Sleeve

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