Saturn Twist Loc Blast Nozzle


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Your window to productivity.


Saturn blast nozzles are designed for maximum productivity.


Designed for quickly changing nozzles from straight to 90° in one quick twist.  Unlock the nozzle end for a quick and easy change over.


The twist loc has no thread, increasing its life span.


No fighting with damaged threads and hard to remove nozzles.  Simply insert and twist to secure.


Saturn’s unique twist loc mount holds the carbide nozzle securely and is sealed to keep out debris making change overs easy. The 90° nozzle allows for bore peening. The nozzle can lock into 3 different positions.


Using the Saturn blast swivel, bore work is a snap.  It allows for easy rotation of the nozzle especially on large workpieces and long, tight bores.


The standard nozzle is supplied with a hose end coupling adapter that becomes the base for the straight nozzles as well as the 90° nozzle. The easy twist lock mount allows for easy customization such as extensions for deep bores.


Components are made of nylon with a carbide liner to reduce weight and prevent part damage.


Only 3 parts are required:
BNC – hose end adapter
BN1 – straight blast nozzle
BN2 – 90° blast nozzle


Standard stock nozzles are available for the 1 1/8 O.D. x ½” and 6mm orifices.


Custom sizes are available.


Standard in stock model:
BNC – twist lock hose connector
BN1 – straight blast nozzle
BN2 – 90° blast nozzle


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