Health & Safety

Company Safety Policy

The company is committed to safe work practices as well as to providing a safe working environment for its employees and the public through a recognized safety program.

In fulfilling this commitment, management will provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment in accordance to industry standards and in compliance with legislative requirements. Management will strive to eliminate any foreseeable hazards, which may result in property damage, accidents or personal injury/illness.

It will also be the equal responsibility of all employees at every level for following safety rules, safe work practices and procedures as well as minimizing accidents within our facilities. All employees are encouraged to participate in the identification of hazards and the development of both safe work practices and procedures.

An injury, accident free environment is our goal. Through continuous safety and loss control effort, we can accomplish this.

Personnel Protective Equipment Policy

All employees in the plant will be required to wear personnel protective equipment as outlined in the “Safety Rules and Regulations”. The company will make available further protective equipment whenever it is required. All personal protective equipment will be CSA approved.

CSA approved safety glasses will be made available to all visitors.

Any violation by employees of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action.

Maintenance Policy

The company will strive to ensure that all equipment brought into the plant will meet or exceed provincial and/or CSA or industry standards, when possible.

It is also the policy of the company that all tools and equipment will be properly maintained so as to reduce the risk of injury and or property damage.

We ask that all workers, supervisors, and managers ensure that our established maintenance programs are completed to the required schedules and that should any concerns arise regarding any and all equipment, that they can be reported as soon as possible.

Training Policy

All current and new employees shall receive adequate safety training orientation prior to the commencement of their work as outlined in the companies’ training program.

A record shall be maintained for each employee, documenting the training received and the dates of such training.

The supervisor, manager and safety officer who are responsible for administering the training shall be held accountable to ensure each worker has been adequately trained to company and provincial safety standards.

Safety Inspections Policy

It is the policy of the company to conduct a safety inspection on a quarterly basis to ensure that a safe and healthy work place is maintained.

A foreman and a safety committee member will perform the safety inspection. A safety inspection checklist guide form will be used. The inspection should be scheduled so that it is done prior to the next safety committee meeting. Once the inspection is complete, the safety committee will review the checklist form and address any concerns.

Incident / Accident Investigations Policy

Any accident that causes personal injury requiring medical attention, property damage or is considered a near miss shall be reported by the persons involved to the Forman or Supervisor on duty.

The Forman or Supervisor on duty and a safety committee member, if available, will investigate all accidents / near misses during the shift of occurrence.

The Incident will be recorded on the company’s “Accident / Near Miss” form. It will be forwarded to the division manager and the safety officer for review and action. Reports are to be followed up and kept on file by the safety committee.